Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh, am I supposed to be updating this thing??

Good morning blog readers! In case anyone was wondering, I am still alive and well. We had two major blizzards recently and I was off of work for over a week. Apparently, despite the fact that I said I was going to try not to blog at work, I do NOT blog unless I AM at work. SO here I am, back at work for my first full week in what seems like forever, blogging away.

Not too much to report. Valentines Day was last weekend and it was pretty awesome. We went out to dinner at Melting Pot, and then saw the movie Valentines Day. Bryan hated it lol. I loved it, AND Jackie and Evan were there! Jackie loved it too!

This was on Saturday, and Valentines Day was actually on a Sunday. For the actual day we went for a ride up York Road. We started in Cockeysville, and drove just past York, PA. It was a beautiful ride! Then Bryan made me dinner. Parmesan crusted tilapia, buttered noodles, and peas. So good!

I finally went back to work last Tuesday and had so much work to catch up on I didn't really have time to blog. I didn't really even think about it!

I'm back now though!

Bryans mom started Chemo on Friday, so we spent the weekend at her house and it was pretty awesome. It kind of reminded me of high school when you could have friends sleep over on the weekends. Linus even spent the weekend with us! He absolutely loved it.

We went to the Cafe Hon for dinner on Friday night and I got a really yummy crab cake. We got some cake to go and ate it for dessert when we got back to the house. Saturday we went to the Hagerstown outlets! It's such a pretty drive to Hagerstown! I think I'm destined to live in Washington County! Well, maybe Frederick. It's hard to say. Anywhere pretty with mountains! Anyway, I got two shirts from Ann Taylor outlet and I can not wait til it's summer so I can wear them!

After we got home from outlet shopping we ordered pizza and played games. We played a game called catch phrase, and it was one of the best games I've ever played. We also played Karaoke Revolution on the wii. I actually enjoyed that too once I finally sang. I was perfectly happy sitting out, but apparently nobody else was happy with that lol. After MUCH persuasion I finally sang some Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. It was fun. I admit it.

Yesterday was a day of relaxing. We ran a couple of errands and it was SO nice to be back to the apt. I layed around with Linus for most of the day.

Now, I'm here. Back at work. Sorry this entry was so boring, BUT this blog is about to take an interesting turn. Yes, I have a mission... You'll find out later.

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