Thursday, March 11, 2010


Good afternoon blog readers! It would appear that I am very bad at keeping up with this thing. The good thing is I'm pretty sure that NOBODY reads this anymore because it would appear that EVERYONE is bad at keeping up with their blogs. I figure, if nobody is writing blogs, then nobody is reading them either.

Anyway, a couple of entries ago I wrote about the ridiculous back to back blizzards that hit our area. Today it is almost 60 degrees and sunny, and it's been like this all week. I am not sure if this means Spring is here, or if it's just a little preview of what's to come but even if it does end up getting cold again soon, I've tasted Spring and it has made me very happy. My favorite seasons are Fall and Winter because I love the cold, snow, holidays, etc... But even the most avid snow lover has to admit that it's always a good feeling to know that Spring is on its way.

Once the holidays are over and all the snow melts, it just becomes gloomy. It gets dark early, it's cold, and there's nothing too fun to do outside. It is almost impossible to be happy go lucky after months and months of cold weather. I find that in the winter I come home and plop down on the couch for the night. But in the spring, well that's a different story. Daylight savings is coming up and soon it will stay light out later. This means you can come home, eat dinner, and then go for a walk! Or, you can go to the gym and not feel like it's past your bedtime when you get home. OR for those of us who are so lucky to live in the Cock, we have the NCR trail right in our own backyards (not literally of course).

So anyway, my point was the weather lately has made me very happy and here is what I am most excited for in the upcoming months. Spring/Summer

in no particular order...

-Hiking the NCR trail
-Biking the NCR trail
-taking walks after dinner around the neighborhood
-Ice Cream and Italian Ice... You can't feel guilty if you walk to get it :)
-Beach Trips
-having the windows open in the apartment
-Watching Linus watch the world outside and actually get to see, hear, and smell everything going on out there
- NYC in May with Bryan
- My birthday!
- fun little day trips to places like Chestertown, MD and York, PA
- Eating outside... It took me 24 years to actually enjoy that
- Cookouts
- Hershey Park
- pretty nature that isn't snow lol
- Cute dresses, tank tops, sandals, etc...

And just being outside and enjoying the weather basically! I just hope it's not a rainy summer like last year.

There's just a feeling you get in the Spring. Of course, my Spring is usually spent sneezing, but we are not focusing on that right now.