Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And The Nominees Are...

Good morning blog readers! Today is an extra special day! Not only is it Groundhog Day, AND the premiere of the final season of Lost (yay!), BUT it's also the day that the Academy announced all of the Oscar nominations! I haven't looked at all of the nominees yet, because they were being announced as I was looking for them. However, I did manage to find all ten nominees for Best Picture. Yes, that's right, TEN nominees! They decided after last year that they needed to expand the Best Picture category from five nominees, to ten, in order to give more movies a chance. I will admit that there have been plenty of movies that I thought for sure would be nominated and then were completely snubbed. The category expansion made it possible for those movies to have a shot.

As exciting as it is having ten movies nominated this year, it's a little aggravating for those of us (like myself) who make an effort to see each of the movies nominated for best picture. BUT I can do it! I know I can! I've already seen five of the ten, and I think I'll be able to find the other five.

SO, without further ado, here are the 2010 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture.

(here is a list of ALL nominees http://oscar.go.com/nominations/nominees#category_animated-feature-film)

Avatar - I have NOT seen this yet. I said I would see it when it was nominated, so now I have to. It will be in theaters forever, so this movie should be the easiest one to scratch off the list.

The Blind Side - Saw it, loved it, cried my eyes out at the end. I do NOT think this would have made the cut if there were only 5 nominees this year, but I'm glad it did.

District 9 - Saw it, loved it, never even thought for a second that I would see it at the Oscars! This was the only movie on the list that I am truly excited about. It wont win, but I'm glad to see it getting the recognition it deserved. My only question, can aliens be nominated for best actor?

An Education - I have NOT seen this. I've never heard of it. This might be hard to find in theaters at this point. Grrr.

The Hurt Locker - I have NOT seen this, but I've heard nothing but great things. Hopefully it's still around! If not, we will find a way to see it!

Inglorious Basterds - I have NOT seen this, but Bryan owns it so I think we'll be ok haha

Precious - Saw it, loved it, knew the minute I left the theater that I'd see this one at the Oscars. Deserves any and all awards that it is nominated for, and would not be surprised if it takes the award for Best Picture.

A Serious Man - I have NOT seen this, and know nothing about it except that it was a huge nominee at the Golden Globes. Can't wait to see it!

Up - Saw it. Too emotional to watch again, but Bryan needs to see it so I'm sure I'll have to watch it with him. I'm glad it was nominated for best picture, so that Coraline can get the Best Animated Picture award that it deserves. I still don't agree with animated films being nominated outside of the animated films category, but again, it gives Coraline a shot so I'm good with it.

Up In The Air - Saw it, LOVED it, and disagree with every negative thing that I've heard about it. I thought it was a great movie, much better than I expected, and it deserves the nomination.

So there you have it!


  1. Yes! Oscars!!

    While I don't think it deserved it, I hate to say that Avatar is probably going to clean up this year. It's definitely the favorite for Best Picture. I don't know what you had against it, but now you must see it mwahaha. An Education is definitely going to be the toughest to see. I remember seeing the trailer for it, but not thinking much. It's got Peter Saarsgard, who I like, in it (he is in Garden State... he plays the guy who buries Braff's mom). Other than that, you MUST put Hurt Locker and A Serious Man (which looked great when I saw the trailer) on your Netflix queue!

  2. everything that is out is on my queue so we can get started ASAP!