Monday, January 11, 2010

Precious, Hairspray, Ravens and Monday

Welcome blog readers, to Monday morning! Today is already a typical Monday morning and it's only 9:25 am. First of all, Linus (my cat) jumped in the shower with bryan this morning, and then proceeded to scratch at our bedroom door until I got out of bed. Fine, I'm used to that, but it's really annoying when I have ten minutes left to sleep and they get interrupted. ESPECIALLY on a Monday! Then, it was a gorgeous sunny morning which resulted in excruciating traffic because nobody can see anything with the sun in their eyes. I don't know about you, but I'm too short for the sun visor to actually block the sun from my eyes, so that was awesome. THEN the elevator at work was broken so I had to take the stairs.

Weird coincidence - On the radio this morning, Dr. Oz was being interviewed and he was saying that there is no reason to have to work out after a long day if you do things during the day to stay fit. For example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Since my stairs are usually inaccessable to us, I responded (outloud to the radio...), "Yeah I wish I had that option!" I come into to work to find that taking the stairs was my only option today! Weird...

Ok, so Monday of course is also the time where you reflect on the weekend. This particular weekend was pretty awesome actually. Friday night Bryan and I went to dinner and movie with Lindsay and Kevin. To be honest, in the 18 months that we've been together, I think this is the first time we have EVER gone to dinner and a movie with them! We went to noodles and compnay and got buttered noodles. Yum! Lindsay ordered macaroni with broccoli and it somehow came out with chicken in it. Weird, but delightful surprise! After dinner we went to caribou. Kevin and Bryan played checkers and Lindsay and I had a nice heart to heart chat. After about 20 minutes the boys came back and said that we had to go because the movie was starting at 9:10 and it was already almost 8:40... Movie is downtown, we were in Hunt Valley... You do the math.

We managed to make it with a few minutes to spare by parking in the lot across the street from the Charles theater. It's only two dollars for unlimited parking. Awesome.

We saw the movie "precious" which I had heard a lot about. There is literally NOTHING that I can say that will do that movie justice. It was just an incredible work of art and the acting was second to none. In fact, Monique (she played Precious' mother) should just be handed the Oscar right now. It's funny because as far as I can tell she hasn't had any major acting experience. Just some comedies here and there. She seriously blew me away. She has a monologue at the end of the movie and I'm telling you, I got chills the whole time she was talking.

Whoever played precious herself was a great actress as well, but kind of difficult to understand.

The movie as a whole was phenomenal. Super depressing, but inspirational all at once. I loved it but will NOT be seeing it again. It's a bit much.

Saturday afternoon Jackie and I went to Teavolve for brunch. It was delicious as always and made me really excited for Summer. In my opinion Harbor east is so much nicer in summer, and the idea of getting brunch, and then walking around in a sundress or skirt on a gorgeous summer afternoon makes me very happy. I love winter though, so I'm not in too much of a hurry.

Saturday night Bryan and I went to see Hairspray at the Lyric. I was worried he wouldn't like it because he was dvr-ing the Cowboys game at home, and was very concerned that he would accidently overhear the score. In fact, he brought headphones and listened to his ipod during intermission and while we were walking to the car afterwards. However, much to my surprise he LOVED the show! He couldn't wait to listen to the soundtrack in the car, and was still talking about it even after his cowboys crushed the eagles :)

Speaking of Football, that brings me to Sunday. I had my dad, Laurie, and Dustin over for the Ravens game yesterday. Bryan made pizza and we got ravens cookies and some other snacks. As usual, Linus was proving to be the center of attention, and even my Aunt (who is not a cat person) thought he was adorable.

I think my favorite was when my cousin Dustin was watching him play and said "Ok, now I understand why you take so many pictures!" haha. I'm not crazy, he's just so cute!

But yes, Linus was NOT why everyone gathered at my apt. The Ravens were playing the Patriots in the playoffs. I did not have a good feeling because A. We have NEVER won against them period ( I don't think), and B. The patriots haven't lost a home playoff game in YEARS! Well, my concerns were quickly fading away while I watched my boys score touchdown after touchdown eventually beating the patriots 33-14. GO RAVENS! We have to beat the colts next week. I'd say we don't have a shot in hell of winning, but I didn't think we did this week either so who knows!

Last night Bryan and had a nice relaxing evening and he said since I was so understanding about the Cowboys game I could pick any movie for that night. I picked Hedwig and the Angry Inch and I think he actually liked it!

Ugh, and now we're back to reality... Monday morning. Why must weekends fly by???


  1. The last monologue scene with Mo'Nique was very chilling. The direction on that scene though wasn't great... good thing the performances made up for it.

    Awesome weekend!

  2. i enjoy your strange coincidence with dr. oz! i feel like things like that always happen to me i will be at chick-fil-a and i'll be like...ohhhh i'm going to get a large dr. pepper even though i shouldn't and then they'll f up and give me a diet. i think it's the fat gods being like, you need to chill.