Monday, January 18, 2010

3 Day Weekend! Woo!

Good morning blog readers! It's Monday morning again, but this time it's not a typical treacherous Monday. It's a Monday off from work! YAY! Yes, it is MLK day. Banks are closed, post office is closed, and therefore, we are closed!

Three day weekend are always exciting, and yet when you go back to work it feels like it was just a regular old weekend. I guess that's normal, but still a little irritating. The best part is that three day weekends result in four day work weeks, which means the next weekend is sooner than usual!

Ok but enough of this stating the obvious stuff. Let's reflect on the weekend.

Friday night Bryan and I went to dinner and a movie with Jessica and Jamie. We went to Panera for dinner because if I don't eat Panera at least once a week I might explode. I used to be that way with Strapazza, but Panera is a much cheaper obsession. After dinner we saw The Lovely Bones. I actually have the book, but never read it so at least I didn't have to worry about whether or not the movie was too different than the book. As it turns out, according to people who have read the book, the movie WAS a lot different. I loved the movie and thought it was a lot better than the rotten reviews made it out to be. It inspired me to read the book, but it will have to wait because I just started reading Coraline. ANYWAY, after the movie Jess and Jamie came over to chill and play with Linus. They left around 12 and Bryan and I watched an episode of Six Feet Under and cuddled on the couch (aww).

We let ourselves sleep in on Saturday and finally got out of bed around 11:15. We watched tv for a little bit and then Derek came over and Bryan and Derek went out to lunch and ran some errands. I took the opportunity to catch up on some shows that I had dvr'd. I watched Real Houswives of Orange County, and What Not To Wear. The boys came home and played their video game and around 4:30 bryan and I left for Reisterstown. We went to dinner with my parents and then went to their house to watch the Ravens game. I think at this point everyone knows how that game went, so I'm not going to write about it.

Yesterday Bryan went to the bar in Columbia to watch the Cowboys game, which was even worse than the Ravens game (haha), and I went to the movies with Karen and Lia. Before this I may or may not have spent two hours in bed watching Jersey Shore. Yes, it way a lazy kind of weekend. Anywho, Karen, Lia, and I saw Youth in Revolt and I liked it a lot. I actually had read the book, but I didn't remember any of it so once again if the movie strayed for the book I didn't even know.

The best part of the weekend for me was last night. The Golden Globes! I made Taco's for dinner and then we watched the red carpet coverage and the awards. I think I'll wait and write a full entry just about the Golden Globes because... Well, because I love that kind of stuff and I want to write more and don't have the patience right now.

Today Bryan and I woke up at 8:15 and watched Saved by the Bell and had a great breakfast. Then we cleaned a little bit and now he's at Ikea and I'm waiting for Jessica to come over so we can go spend a lovely day getting our nails done and playing with Linus.

We have to take Linus to the vet tonight to get his last round of shots. That should be interesting since he recently started biting. Oy.

Well this post was pretty boring. Sorry!

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised with "The Lovely Bones". Definitely a lot better than what the critics are making it out to be!